Store Your College Stuff With Us

Whether you're going on summer vacation, an internship, studying abroad, or just taking a semester off, we'll make storing your items easy and very affordable!!

Prices include pickup, dropoff and 2 oversized pieces (e.g. bookcase, bicycle, rug, etc) in our warehouse space

Summer Locker

Great Rates!

$265.00 Summer storage

$470.00 Semester storage

$856.00 Yearly Storage

*Includes 1 stop per pick up and 1 stop per delivery. Additional stops are $25 each. Locks are $4.99 each or you may provide your own *Extra warehousing is available - pricing on request Come check us out this Spring at the College Center.

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How it Works

  • 1.

    Bring Your Items Curbside

  • 2.

    We bring the locker to your dorm

  • 3.

    You load it and lock it

  • 4.

    We take it and store it

  • 5.

    We bring it back when you want

Too much stuff for a locker?
No Problem.